January 05' Litter

Our Puppies

Sire ~ ROCCO_________Dam ~ DARBY

Below are pictures of all the pups from our January litter. Pic's were
taken at 7 wks. as well as a few updated pic's, compliments of their new
families. As you can see ROCCO and DARBY make BEAUTIFUL puppies together!

BOYS at 7 Weeks Plus Some Updates With Their New Families.

(formerly known as "BLUE")
Henry is a proud addition to the Kepler family and living in Leo, Indiana
Henry recently became a "big brother" to a new baby sister (and actual half-sister).
His Mom & Dad are adopted "Lavender" from our Lilly/Rocco breeding! (see "June Litter")

(formerly known as "RED")
Louie is getting "groomed up" by Karen of "VENDETTA" POODLES - for his trip to
Michigan. Louis went home with the Nelson's and is residing in Clarkston.
He has had basic obedience since moving to Michigan and is being considered
for Freestyle. His owners claim that he is the "smartest dog we've ever had"!

(Formerly known as "Green")
Vega is residing on the 21st floor of a suite in downtown Chicago with
his new mistress, Ms. Adelman. He now spends his days at the local dog
parks, in coffee shoppes and taking daily walks through the city.

GIRLS at 7 Weeks Plus Some Updates With Their New Families.

(formerly known as "YELLOW")
Birdie went to live with the Wagner's in Decatur, Indiana where
she became a "little sister" to a toddler. This past August,
she also became a "big sister" to a new baby!

(Formerly known as "PURPLE")
Left for a new life with the Mosser's and
is now residing in Geneva, Indiana.

(formerly known as "PINK")
Katy is now a proud member of the Hall family and will be
residing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

(Formerly known as "ORANGE")
Lilli headed south, Florida-bound!
She now happily resides with the Ingenito's of Cape Coral.
Look how GORGEOUS Lilli is today! Quite the DIVA, isn't she....

(formerly known as "PEACH")
Raven now resides with the McCarrell's in Nashville, Indiana.

A special thanks to Karen of VENDETTA KENNELS
(my friend/groomer and "Peach's" new owner) for keeping the pups looking
so WONDERFUL while they are here with us.