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Conditions of Sale Agreement
(Broken down into sections for your convenience)

Conditions of Guarantees
1. This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of my knowledge, and has been vaccinated and dewormed according to BIRDPATCH KENNELS protocol for the age of this puppy (see VACCINE PROTOCOL section). This guarantee is warranted to the original purchaser to the close of SEVEN days.

2. Buyer is to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within these SEVEN days (at purchasers expense). Should the examining vet find this puppy to have a Serious LIFE THREATENING illness or disease, (excluding parasites or coccidia) Breeder/seller will refund the purchase price or replace, with a puppy of equal value, when available ( value of puppy to be determined by breeder/seller ). Puppy must be returned and accompanied by DOCUMENTED PROOF of illness, from licensed veterinarian, within ten ( 10 ) days of purchase. Breeder reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of her choice to have diagnosis verified, BEFORE REFUNDING PURCHASE PRICE.

3. The puppy is guaranteed to the origanal purchaser, for two ( 2 ) years & one (1) month of age against hereditary/genetic disease. If puppy is found to have a serious hereditary/genetic disease process, providing the purchaser provides written documentation from a licensed veterinarian, regarding the diagnosis of the genetic defect within fourteen ( 14 ) days of diagnosis, and before any treatment is given (at purchasers expense) - the puppy may be returned to the breeder/seller (at buyers expense) for a replacement puppy of equal value OR 50% refund of purchase price of pup, upon return of AKC papers/application and proof of spay or neuter. Guarantee applies to both limited and full registry pups/dogs.

Types of Sale Contracts & Conditions that Apply
4. If this puppy was bought as a pet (limited registry): Breeder/seller's terms of this contract REQUIRES the pup/dog to be spayed/neutered. It is understood that Limited AKC registration means that the offspring of this dog will not be eligable for registration and entry in some AKC dog events are also restricted on limited registration. It is also understood that if this puppy/dog was bred, be it done intentionally OR unintentionally, this genetic guarantee is null and void.

5. Occasionally, pups are offered with FULL REGISTRY (at breeder/seller's discretion). Full registry is - when offered - in accordance with one of the following:

A) Show contract (applies to male and/or female pups).

B) Breeder's contract (applies to both male and/or female pups, though contract terms differ).

It is understood that full AKC Reg. does not guarantee that the puppy/dog will be show/breeding quality. It is understood that if puppy/dog is bought with full AKC registration it is eligable to be shown. Upon completion of agreed terms of the breeder OR show contract (whichever applies), pup is eligable to be bred at buyers discretion. However, if/when purchaser decides to breed the pup/dog, purchaser is bound by (this) contract to breed responsibly and in accordance with the Standard Poodle Club of America code of ethics. This includes but is not limited to the promise that purchaser WILL NOT intentionally MIX THE BREED. Any successful attempt to use this pup/dog purchased from BIRDPATCH KENNELS for mixing/creating "fad" breeds such as "Labradoodles", "Goldendoodles" and the likes will result in this contract becoming NULL and VOID. The purchased pup will be reposessed without refund (at ANY age) and purchaser will be banned for life from any future pup/dog purchases from BIRDPATCH KENNELS. Furthermore, intentional mix-breeding (outside the breed) will result in legal action being brought forth by seller for defamation of character and resulting damages to breeder/seller's reputation/creditability.

Prices in Accordance with Type of Purchase Contract
Pricing varies each breeding based on pedigrees, sex and
potential of each pup (show vs. pet) - but NEVER by color!

Below is a "basis" of how prices are established.

Unlimited Registration:
Female________________________________Varies by Breeding
Male__________________________-$200.00 Less Female price

Limited Registration
Female:_______________________-$200.00 Less Full Reg. Price
Male:__________________________-$200.00 Less Female price

Unlimited Registration: Show Contract
Female________________________-$400.00 Less Full Reg. Price
Male__________________________-$400.00 Less Full Reg. Price

Unlimited Registration: Breeders Contract
Female________________________-$200.00 Less Full Reg. Price
Male__________________________-$200.00 Less Full Reg. Price

On Occasion and For Various Reasons
a Specific Pup May Be Offered at a NEGOTIABLE PRICE

Other Requirement, Recommendations & General Information
6) Puppies are not sold on a trial basis but, Puppy/dog may be returned to breeder/seller at any time during it's lifetime, if the need to rehome it arises (no refunds or exchanges will be made). This puppy/dog must never be placed with a rescue organization, shelter, pound or any other such organization. If a situation such as this arises, you are simply agreeing to return the puppy/dog to me to rehome. Purchasing a puppy should not be an impulsive decision and it is your responsability to understand that you are making a decision for the lifetime of the puppy.

7) It is required that you find a reputable veterinarian to keep this puppy up to date on vaccinations and wormings as stated in BIRDPATCH KENNELS VACCINE PROTOCOL (see VACCINE PROTOCOL section). It is Strongly recommended that you continue the pup/dog on a quality premium diet such as "Bil-Jac" , "Eagle-Pack", "Flint River", "Royal Canine" or "Solid Gold" brands of commercial dog/puppy food. Please select carefully and don't be fooled by popularity and price. Most "veterinary recommended" dog (and cat) food products are NOT good diets. They use chemical preservatives that have been shown to cause problems in some animals, and they use by-products, which are words on the ingredient label that need to be avoided at all costs. This generally means food not utilized for human consumption. If you feed a carefully selected commercial food, some supplementation with fresh food is necessary to maximize your companions' health. There are many breed-specific conditions, ailment and afflictions that can be largely avoided simply through proper diet and nutrition. Many animal health issues arise from poor quality food products such as skin and allergy problems as well as other more serious health problems. Quality brands may be more expensive, but the expense you will save in medical cost as well as the improved long term happiness of your pet makes it actually more economical in the long term. Purchaser agrees to keep this puppy in top condition.

8) Adult size, conformation, color, and pattern are not guaranteed. Breeder/seller assumes no responsability for puppy after it leaves the premises, for medical expenses, mortality, puppy's behavior, family disagreement, or any other reason. It is understood that no warrenty or representation has been made regarding this puppy, except as set forth in writing in this agreement.

Through much research and study, our kennel has developed a vaccine protocol that is intended to minimize the occurrence of autoimmune disorders so common to the standard poodle breed.

Given the increase in PARVO outbreak Birdpatch Kennels vaccine protocol has changed dramatically. We now use ONLY NEOTECH products for initial PUPPY immunizations. After experiencing PARVO first-hand and witnessing the devastation that can follow - even on younger pups that in "theory" are protected with their Mama's immunity, we now begin NEOPAR vaccinations at 5 weeks old. NEOPAR is the ONLY vaccine available that is safe to use on puppies as young as 28 days old and is able to override mother's immunity received through her milk. NEOPAR is followed, beginning at 9 weeks of age with NEOVAC, a Distemper/Adenovirus vaccine. This vaccine regime' provides the pup with all the core vaccines necessary up to his/her Rabies & 1 year booster. NO OTHER vaccines (i.e. "Corona", "Lepto" , etc.) are to be administered unless deemed necessary (i.e. Kennel Cough).

When the pups reached a year of age and is ready for his/her booster vaccination, only CONTINUUM is to be used. This is a 3-year "core" vaccine formulated with "killed" virus. No other vaccines will be necessary for a full 36 months. This protocol is to be exactly followed and completed by the buyer. Failure to adhere to our strict schedule, or brand/type recommendation will result in the GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE portion of this contract becoming immediately null and void.