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Yes, this is the page that honers all the beloved poodles that have touched
our lives and have now passed on. Sadly, after 6 1/2 years raising poodles,
my time has come to create my "Rainbow Bridge" page...

Allow me to tell you about our wonderful little Bugaboo...
He is the first to be honored on our "Rainbow Bridge" page - and I pray the last for a LONG time.

Bugs was one of the pups from our July 05' litter.
He had a rough start being the runt of a preemie litter, weighing only
4.5 ounces at birth! He battled a kidney infection from birth that would
just never clear. After months of TLC he finally began to blossom, though he
was - by then - beyond "kidney compromised", as he had NO kidney function left.
He was officially registered "BIRDPATCH BUGABOO", Bugaboo
meaning "a worry or a concern" - and that he was!

Though there was no genetic link to his health issues, he was neutered to
prevent any possibility of breeding. Though gorgeous pups would have
resulted, the risk of the female contracting infection was far too great a gamble.

With his unbelievable will and determination he remained with us until just
short of his second birthday. We did everything possible to insure he
had outstanding quality of life to the very end.

Bugsy was a well-loved and beautiful part of our family and
will always be very sadly missed.

Tracey Johnston: 812-597-1544
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