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Tracey Johnston
Located in Central Indiana

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We are the JOHNSTONS', a classic ALL AMERICAN family of eight, living
amid the cornfields of south-central Indiana.
Here Are a Few of Our Kids - The "BIRDPATCH" Cabin Logo is Our Home

Puppies From Our Very First Litter...


---------------------------- Oldest Daughter Not Shown

We bought our first Standard in April of 2002 after months of researching the breed.
We were expecting baby #6 when we drove to Dayton, Ohio to pick up our boy ROCCO, a
beautiful JET BLACK. He instantly became another one of the "kids".

After our baby was born I became a stay-at-home Mom and spent my time doting on
the kids and ROCCO. As ROCCO grew, his superior "human-like" intelligence and
intuitive instincts kept me in constant awe and amazement. That is when I began thinking
about breeding. My motivation was for others to enjoy the awesome experience of living
with a standard poodle.

By June 2003, we were actively looking for a suitable little girl to raise as another of
our "kids" with a comparable pedigree to ROCS'. After much research and many phone
calls, we found our 8 week old baby DARBY. DARBY, a gorgeous BLUE, has proven to be a
PERFECT match for ROCCO as well as our family. She is a gorgeous dog and equally
intelligent as ROCCO, but less "reserved". She has a genuine gusto for life!


Next came the task of naming our business. After much pondering, it suddenly hit
me - BIRDPATCH! You see, my husband gave me the pet-name of "T-Bird" years ago (T="Tracey").
I in turn gave my husband (Patrick) the pet-name "Patches". Put together, you have BIRDPATCH!

After only 2 litters our Darby girl had to be emergency spayed. She carried infection
throughout her entire pregnancy that advanced into full-blown pyometra before whelping.
The pups came a week early and she was rushed in for emergency surgery. You can see the
pups from that litter by visiting Past Litters, the "July 05" link. Darby in now
the Matriarch of our program, being replaced first by Demi, a lovely Gray - and later
with Penny, a brown, then Quite, black and Echo, a platinum silver.

Darby is still our beloved pet. She oversees the other poodles like a strict mother-hen,
keeping everyone in line, pups and adults alike! Below she is shown along with our other poodles begging for my daughter's blueberry bread (she's the stocky (fat) girl closest to the food! Echo, our silver girl is fat too, but happy and pregnant - see the belly?

This was the beginning of what we hope to be a long and successful breeding program.
One that will afford many other responsible families the oppertunity to experience the
joys of raising a STANDARD POODLE.

Our puppies have WONDERFUL healthy parents, outstanding pedigrees, and are being raised
IN OUR HOME (underfoot) by a big family full of children, laughter and love. We are
confident our PUPPIES will excel in WHATEVER you desire for them - whether it is a life in
the showring, hunting, or a devoted family companion.

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