Pankonin Farm Kennel
Raising Happy, Healthy Puppies

Cairo--Pomimo -- 2018



Designer Cross Adults 

Day's Mollyanna
(13.5 pounds)
This is our beautiful Mollyanna. She is a purebred Mini American Eskimo. She is a super mama and always has super cute, fat little puppies.

(21.4 pounds)
Emma is a beautiful red Cockapoo female. She and Corporal make totally adorable Cockapoo puppies!

Pankonin's Peachey Keen
(10.0 pounds)
This is our beautiful Peaches! She is the most gentle little thing you will ever happen across. She is half Bichon Frise and half Shih Tzu. She is a super mama and just loves her babies. We always have to wait an extra week or so for her to wean them and she really loves them!

Pankonin's Hokey Pokey 
(13 pounds)
Hokey Pokey is an AKC registered Bichon Frise. She is a happy little thing that loves to snoop in every corner for something exciting to do!
Pankonin's Downey Soft Charmin 
(14.3 pounds)
Charmin is a Bichon Frise and just as loveable as can be. She loves to cuddle and teaches her puppies early that snuggling with people is a very fun thing to do!

Pankonin's Batik Biscuit 
(8.2 pounds)
Pankonin's Batik Biscuit is a tiny little toy poodle that usually sires smaller sized puppies.
Pankonin's Cotton Candy Kisses 
(10.2 pounds)
Pankonin's Cotton Candy Kisses is a great little dog. He is structurally just right!

Pankonin's Tucker Reed 
(11.5 pounds)
This is Tucker Reed, and adds the only male Bichon Frise we have at the farm right now. He is such a sweet, happy little guy. We are excited to see the pups he'll sire!