Pankonin Farm Kennel 

Kerchak -- 2018



Great Pyrenees Adults 

Pankonin's Winter Wonder Dog
(Weight coming soon)
Pankonin's Winter Wonder Dog is a very energetic, playful mama! She likes to play with her puppies, just as much if not more than her people! Winter did a most superb job mothering her first litter of pups. 

Pankonin's Princess Laska
(69 pounds) 
Pankonin's Princess Laska is the daughter of Pankonin's Hallelujah Blizzard and Pankonin's Danali Bring on Winter. Needless to say she is an outstanding puppy and we are looking forward to adding her to our breeding program.

Pankonin's Snow Princess
(85.0 pounds)
Pankonin's Snow Princess is a fun girl with tons of personality and is a super guardian and is really strong. She is a big boned dog and a VERY good mama! 

Pankonin's Duchess of the Kenai Solstice
(Weight coming soon)
Duchess lives up to her name, no doubt. She is completely comfortable with being waited on head to paw. Being the offspring of Pankonin's Snowy Mountain Kara and Pankonin's Danali Bring on Winter, we are confident in her future pups.

Pankonin's Danali Bring on Winter
(Weight coming soon)
Pankonin's Danali Bring on Winter is a great big guy that sires beautiful pups. Being called a "Block Head" is a good thing if you are a Pyr!

Pankonin's King of the Yukon
(85.6 pounds)
Pankonin's King of the Yukon is truly a king! He is such a well put together fellow with tons of strength. He is a great protector and always on guard.

Pankonin's Tundra Wolf
(85.2 pounds)
Pankonin's Tundra Wolf is a super gaurd dog. He is always alert and has the deepest bark! He would frighten most anything off without them even getting close to what he regards as his territory!
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