Pankonin Farm Kennel 
Raising Happy, Healthy Puppies

About Us

Our kennel is home to several different breeds of dogs. We raise just a few of several breeds because we are fairly remote and that is what seems to work best for us.
We started our kennel in 2002 and got our first state license in 2003. We have since became licensed with the USDA so we can ship our puppies and sell out of state.
Our dogs and puppies receive the very best health care possible. Our vet, Dr. Shannon Jensen knows all our dogs well and sees them at least one a year for a yearly check up and routine shots.
We enjoy meeting the people that are wanting to add one of our puppies to their family and encourage them to ask lots of questions so they know all they need to know to make the puppies transition to their family as smooth as possible.
Our puppies are raised around cats and kids, lots of other dogs, a few goats and a variety of different people.

We have TV, radio, telephone, washing machines and dryer and lots of different homey type noises going on in the whelping kennel so the pups are used to these sounds.
Our puppies are raised in large pens with plenty of room to play in on the inside and doggie doors that go outside to big pens for them to play in.

Our backyard used to be our pride and joy but it has quite literally gone to the dogs! It is a playground on most any given day at any given time to several dogs and puppies!

Our adult dogs are housed either in big kennels with large indoor pens with doggie doors leading to big outside runs, or huge outside pens with warm dog houses. All of our pens have access to big play yards so they can run and run and run if they want!
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