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Roger Keepers
Owner, Trainer, Breeder

Professional Dog Training


• The first training program is five sessions.
• I will personally train your dog while you watch.
• You can sign up for personal training at any time throughout the year.
• You take your dog home after each lesson.
• You will receive a few simple, written instructions after each lesson.
• Training can include a second dog from the family.
• There is a discount for the second dog and an extra lesson.
• Each dog is trained separately and then worked together.
• The two dogs will work "off leash" together in the second or third lesson.

Sharpen your "dog handling" skills and improve your dog's response to commands.

After the initial five sessions, Graduate Classes are available.

You may pay a fee for the five session course or pay for each class as you attend.

The Graduate Classes of five sessions begin in May and September each year.

These class sessions meet on Saturdays at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM.

SPRING GRADUATE CLASS of 2020 will begin on Saturday, May 16th

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