Paint Jack                                                                                    

Meet the mascots of "Spotted Ass Ranch". These spotted donkeys are our special friends and part of our donkey family. They will always have a home here in Luling Texas.

We started out raising donkeys for their "guard animal abilities" and for their foraging nature. Donkeys clean unwanted weeds and grasses. Now, they don't have to work too hard. We have them for our personal enjoyment and entertainment. We are working on building a nice herd of Spotted Asses.

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of the "spotted ass" babies each year. We sell what we need to and keep what we want. We try to keep the donkey family around 8 head. We let the Spotted Ass herd forage the pastures but keep feed available to them. We let them run as a herd with a spotted jack who is the herd protector. All of them are pretty gentle and love attention.

We have included pictures of a few of the jacks and jennies that are part of our donkey family.

This is Miss betty.  She loves to "talk" to us and definetly makes her presence known.  She is very friendly and loves attention.  When ever we are out in the pasture, Miss Betty is always there to help.

This is Miss Betty gettin some love while we are fixin the roof on the   barn